We knew that having a great logo would influence the identity of our company for years to come. We did not just want a logo, we wanted a great logo that made us believe in our company. Over a span of a month, I  crafted nearly 50 design iterations in my quest to conceive the perfect logo for our company. This culminated in collaboration with a talented graphics team based in India, who skillfully transformed my final draft into the polished, professional logo showcased above. This experience was profoundly educational, teaching me the importance of flexibility, patience, and innovation in the creative process. It emphasized the value of not becoming overly attached to initial ideas, but instead continually evolving and refining concepts to achieve success. This collaborative effort not only resulted in a logo that I am immensely proud of, but also instilled in me a deeper appreciation for the iterative nature of design.

The screenshots below represents a culmination of some of my design contributions to our mobile event app product. This showcases my creative skills and  proficiency in using Figma. 

In this project, I leveraged my design thinking skills to develop a series of prototype designs,  culminating in the creation of our company’s mascot, Blaze. The process involved extensive collaboration with a  team in India, spanning two weeks of focused development and refinement of the mascot.

During a company hackathon, I took on the challenge of developing our company’s landing page from scratch over a single weekend, despite having no prior experience in web development. Immersing myself in a variety of educational content from YouTube and other resources, I rapidly acquired the necessary skills to bring this vision to life. The website you’re currently on (portfolio website), was launched eight months later, highlighting that  I retained knowledge from that  learning experience. By clicking on the image below, you’ll be directed to our company website.