Beyond the time spent on my academic studies, I have a appetite for learning that spans a vast array of subjects. To satisfy this thirst for knowledge, I immerse myself in the world of podcasts, allowing the insights of thought leaders to transform my daily drives to and from school into mobile classrooms. With the diverse perspectives of shows like the Joe Rogan Experience, Huberman Lab, After Skool, and Lex Friedman and many others. I dedicate, on average, eight hours each week to this pursuit of their wisdom. 


My most significant extracurricular commitment lies with Freemasonry, where I proudly hold the rank of Master Mason. This organization is a bastion for personal and spiritual development and is renowned for its charitable endeavors. Every week, I devote 2 to 4 hours to actively participate in Masonic activities, each moment spent in the pursuit of self-improvement and the service to the broader community through various philanthropic initiatives.


My passion for creativity finds its outlet in the art I create. While I may humbly regard my drawing skills as poorly developed, the joy I derive from the act of creation is immense.  Participating in this artistic endeavor is a cherished part of who I am, an an expression of myself that I use for my work. 


My love for reading reflects my ongoing pursuit of knowledge and personal development. Although I embarked on cultivating a consistent reading habit just a year ago, I have profoundly enjoyed delving into narratives, unraveling theories, and journeying through book adventures and knowledge. I read on average, 40 pages a day, and this has enriched my intellect and expanded my worldview. 


In my spare time, I gravitate towards the outdoors, especially tending to my garden on the lanai. It’s rewarding to witness the growth and outcomes of my efforts, like the abundance of tomatoes from the plant depicted in the photo. The process of watching my garden flourish and enjoying the fresh produce it yields is a source of satisfaction for me.