I began my undergraduate education in  2019 at Rollins College in Florida to pursue an advanced degree in Business Management. This academic journey was significantly inspired by the entrepreneurial success of my parents, who built a highly successful business. I chose Rollins College, not only because of its picturesque campus in Florida (next to Disney!),  because I could achieve my MBA degree in five years and the generous “Alonzo scholarship” I received with a value of $115,000. 

 I pursued and completed a 3.5 year Batchelors degree in Business Management as part of the accelerated program I was in. My education at Rollins was both unique and challenging because of the global pandemic in 2020 compelling a shift to remote learning. Rollins; supportive community and flexible learning opportunities allowed me to navigate the disruptions caused by the pandemic. Despite missing parts of the traditional educational experience, I was able to spend the last two years on campus, fully engaging with the academic community and enjoying the  classroom environment. A standout experience was the “Science of Superheroes” class taught by Professor Fuse, which not only enhanced my understanding of physics but also broadened my perspective on the universe, getting me interested in furthering my education beyond my business curriculum. Inspired by this class, I began exploring podcasts and developed a passion for reading to extend my learning beyond Rollins. This newfound knowledge and perspective ultimately led me to join the Freemasons at the conclusion of my coursework.


After 3.5 years of dedicated study and overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, I graduated from Rollins College in May 2023 with Summa Cum Laude honors and a GPA of 3.53. This achievement is one I hold in high regard, reflecting not only my academic diligence but also my resilience throughout my college journey.


Crummer is a graduate school that is a part of Rollins College and is ranked by Forbes as the # 1 MBA in Florida and one of the top MBA Schools in the South. I am currently set to graduate from this prestigious institution with my MBA in May 2024 and have a current GPA of 3.69.  Crummer has provided me the background needed to be a valuable asset for companies looking for leadership and business acumen to drive success. Click the photo to visit their website and learn more about this school.